This is bellerophon. The king 👑 gave him a task.

He said bellerophon there is a horse called pegasus.

Go find him there is a monster called chimera.

Defeat it. Bellerophon was scared.

He couldn’t say no to the king.

So he went and found a man he told the man about his task.

The man said go and sleep in that house.

So he slept there in the night a god came and gave him a golden lead rope. So the next day he sat on pegusus.

pegusus had wings so he could fly when bellerophon was flying he saw smoke. He thought it was the chimera it was !

before the chimera hurt him he took his arrow and shot the chimera deep in its throat. With a last breath the chimera

lay dead everyone cheered for bellerophon. He said I don’t belong with men I belong with the god’s.

Zeus the king of gods said angrily no men belong with god’s.

And he sent a bee to sting pegusus bellerophon fell down no one went near bellerophon.

For pegusus zeus used him to pull his van.

Rabbits 🐇🐰

I will tell A poem about Rabbits.

This rabbit is cute
He pulls out the root
And eats the carrot
He sees a parrot
They are neighbours
And do lot of labours
They play together
With a feather

My favourite game 😄

I have a game called Plants vs zombies GW2. I love it 💞 Plants fight with zombies 😁😁😁. I play in plants team. My brother and I play together. We play in holidays now I will show you pictures which me and my brother drew

Done by asha 6 years
Done by Siddharth 4 years

My Cycle

My cycle is awesome. I love my cycle. I go for a round called cycle round. my brother also has a cycle we both go most of the times. I love my cycle. my cycle is called thunder. and my cycle is amazing