The bunny

there was a bunny

having money

he was funny

and it was sunny

he went to a shop

and got a cloth

and then got a mop

and got a pot

My family

my father loves. reading my mother loves cooking. my brother likes playing with his toys. I like watching tv

I also like to do crafts with my mother.


Butterflies are my favourite Insects I love them a lot because they look colourful I love them a lot.

butterflies are colourful.

they make me joyful

they are playful

the city is wonderful

I will show you some insects.


Red, yellow, blue and green.

God loves these colours. I have seen.

I will show you some.

We took these photos in our apartment.

enjoy the photos

about my brother

I love my brother a lot. he makes lots of jokes. he is cute hehehe. he is a cutie pie. he likes lego blocks. he is thin. I love him. he likes chocolate pancake and cheese dosa. Hulk and thundercat are his favourite avengers.

I love him. he loves me.